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According to the, there are more than 1.2 million licensed lawyers in the United States (as of 2010), and more than 47,000 law firms (as of 2000). Of these individuals, many have websites however industry research indicates the majority of these sites are not optimized for their firms’ specific keyword focus. For example, law firms specializing in contract law need to focus on relevant keyword search queries for such services. Given the multiple facets of law and legal practice, it is essential that firms target their appropriate audience with well-targeted content.

Legal Marketing provides a multitude of search engine optimization services for our law and legal clients whether they are focused on a local, regional or national scale. Below are the multiple facets of our SEO offerings:


Leveraging our client’s visibility on a national level with specific keyword focus on their core services is the center of our SEO services. One of the most common problems we encounter is that law practices are ranking and building content toward too broad of services and not pinpointing or focusing on their firm’s specialization. Our SEO services target these rich keywords and direct traffic to our client’s site.


Some of our clients prefer to practice at the local and/or regional level. For these clients, local search and SEO is a major benefit to them. With local SEO, Legal Marketing builds strategic campaigns that aim to promote the visibility of our clients to a geographically defined target audience. This is more competitive however also provides extremely effective results. Local SEO services are also optimized to appear in mobile search and on map interfaces including Apple and Google maps, respectively.


Clients want to work with and be represented by lawyers that are respected experts in their appropriate area of emphasis. With our Integrated Public Relations (IPR) services, Legal Marketing’s internal PR division designs targeted PR campaigns that secure media engagements and media visibility at the local, regional and/or national levels. Legal Marketing has built and solidified strong relationships with some of the most well-known and respected media outlets in the world. With these relationships, we are able to promote our clients and represent them in the media for maximum visibility and awareness on the largest stages.


Video has played a major role in the evolution of online search due to its quality of content and the development of such video-on-demand online services. Legal Marketing employs an internal video production team that has a studio in-house and is also able to travel to meet with clients to provide their desired video services. Whether this involves filming and editing a television and media commercial, recording multimedia for the website or YouTube, or even recording client testimonials, our Video SEO services help our clients gain maximum visibility through video optimization. Shooting video is one thing, knowing how to optimize the video is another. The combination of our video production and SEO divisions combine to create highly optimized video offerings for clients.


Some of our clients prefer to have our internal consultant team meet with them and discuss their present SEO strategies and make strategic recommendations for how to rank well in the future. In fact, some clients even have a small team in charge of their technology division that simply needs online marketing and SEO training to get started. Legal Marketing provides these services in an affordable way. Legal Marketing can also train and consult our clients to manage their own SEO campaign after a short time.

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