Why is an inbound approach to SEO so important?

Rules of SEO

The rules of SEO have changed so much over the last 12 months. Thanks mostly to the big Google Penguin and Panda updates last year, what was once tried and tested SEO methods are now no longer working. In fact, a quick Google search of “Is SEO dead?” comes up with pages of articles on the subject. But, is this really true?

There’s been a very interesting video currently doing the rounds, in which Matt Cutts, Google’s head of search spam, outlines the most frequent SEO mistakes that businesses are currently making (Click here to see the video). While the points themselves are useful and definitely worth noting, what is more, interesting is the focus Cutts makes on producing compelling content and tailoring the words on your website to what people are searching. SEO, it seems, all comes down to focusing on people and not trying to please the search engines

But, surely, focusing on people makes sense. Why isn’t everyone already doing this?

You would think that. But, businesses want a quick answer when they are trailing in the search engine rankings. Promises of getting to page one on Google are appealing when you are languishing out of the top 100. And, while I’m certainly not saying there are a lot of technical aspects to SEO, it is increasingly about the content you produce and how this content gets shared.

Make your website search inquiry friendly

Instead of writing in a way to please Google crawlers, make your content Google user-friendly.

Think about it, when you go to Google, looking for the length of the Nile, do you search “length Nile”? Or are you, in fact, more likely to search “How long is the Nile?”. People often use questions when using search engines, so your website content should reflect this. If your content directly answers the search inquiry, then you are more likely to rank well because it is useful and relevant.

Use content not link building to encourage people to visit your website

Building links and having lots of other website point directly at you seems to make sense as an SEO tactic. But, when you delve deeper, it actually is very limiting. First of all, it’s putting search engines above people, which is never a good move if you want to engage with prospects and convert them into paying customers. Second, it’s becoming less effective, with many blogs and website making external links “no-follow” for SEO purposes. Encouraging people to visit your website by producing compelling content is a more useful way for you to increase your traffic. When these people arrive at your site, they will find content that answers their problems, questions, and frustrations. Link building is a short-sighted, tunnel-vision approach that ignores people for the sake of search engines. Whereas focusing on great content will establish your website as the go-to place in your industry and ensure your businesses is seen as a knowledgeable resource.


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